The Politics of Lowered Expectations

by The Smile Bunch

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We want to thank everyone who made this EP happen.


released March 20, 2016

Recorded, mixed, and mastered: Phillip Odom, Bad Wolf Recordings
Producer: Logan Burroughs
All songs written and recorded by The Smile Bunch
Album art: Jeff Bell

Hit single "Heist" music video:

Other hit single "Ricky Williams Was A Saint" music video:



all rights reserved


The Smile Bunch Austin, Texas

The Smile Bunch is comprised of four guys who just want to do something genuine in a world that seems so full of bullshit. We hope you enjoy our art.

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Track Name: Normandy
These fellows at the top, it’s likely they will never stop
And to my right are all my friends, wondering when all this will end
Take your order, wait in line, your life’s become simply time
A ticking time bomb in the air, they’re not us so spark the flare
To finish them all at once
Storming the beaches, out of time and out of breath
Friends torn to pieces, watching them go to their deaths
Feels like I’m going home, feels like I’m going home
Feels like I’m going home, I don’t think I’m going home
Wading out in the water, shells bursting through the sky
Running faster and faster, filled with the adrenaline high
I’m sweating, thinking of my hometown, turn away to see the wall fall down
Bullseye, I’ve got one in my sights, take aim and load one up
It’s not like it is a choice I’ve got
Here I am, at the edge of the Earth
Wading out to the cold beach blue.
Lost all sense of my extremities,
How could we be so cruel?
Fire once, fire twice-I’m all out
Shell fragments pierce my brain
Chaotic masterminds,
I think I'm going insane
Track Name: Ricky Williams Was A Saint
Dearly beloved we are gathered here today
To make our amends, and hear what the dead have to say.
Please listen, why won’t you try
Writing all my thoughts down, believe me, I don’t have that much time
The walls pulse with screams and echoed threats
Tattered sheets and bloodied windows make such a mess.
Speeding bullets are faster than a punch
Believe you me, your words won’t hurt me that much

Shit won’t keep me down
Out of my life now
You have moved downtown
Sixth street won’t suffice

Take your time and work your way to me
Don’t let go of all you wish to see
Make do and heal, progress be made
Say the words and mean what you have to say
Fleeting thoughts, there it goes another rhyme
Screw me over, screw me over one more time
Make do and mend, progress be made
Track Name: Heist
I've got a pocket full of gold and a car full of cash
I think it's time we leave these streets.
Your petty arguments are getting loud and fucking brash
You really got to be discrete.
I hear the sirens are coming, and they have us on watch
So its time we pack the money and run.
We got to get out fast, make the prize last
Sure as hell, this heist won't be our last one.

Hey wait, I have something to say
Why I'm living life on the run?
Take aim, take your shots at me
Who's to say that your one to judge?
Pretty soon, I'll be back on my feet
Indecision, nothing but a crutch
Can we hold out for another week?
Our prospects are looking bleak)
Time, I say we don't have much.

Oh shit, they put me straight in a cell
The judge says that I am done in five years.
Looking back would I have changed my ways,W
Would've saved Mom lots of tears.
But then I got to thinking, what If I am missing out,
Life moves just so goddamn fast.
Is there something that I missed? (Echo: no need to reminisce)
Take time and make my moments last.
Track Name: Pixelhead
My bones are made of concrete
I don’t know where I am going
My head is made of pixels
That’s why I’m always humming
My heart’s a cold-black furnace
Always spits out embers
My legs are all but worn out
Only feel the tremors…

Cornered in, suffocated, I’m hostage
Give it rest, do my best, think I’ve lost it
Cryptic scripts and flustered wit
I’m moving too fast to breathe

Looking through my old book shelf,
I can’t find anything to read
Listen to the buzz in my ears,
See if you can find what it means
Track Name: All My Friends Are Band Directors
I’ve lost my limbs
And now I can’t turn over to swallow this water & end it all for good
I’ve lost my sight
& now I can’t see past this deep blue lake that used to ease my mind

Third time this week
I can’t believe, I can’t believe what this has done to me
Monotony, It might kill me.
It might kill me, but I guess we’ll see.

I found my mind.
It’s plastered on the walls, and it’s covered up by all the other hearts you stole
And now I’m gone.
But I’m running back into this place I love but it will never feel the same.